Pregnancy blog: Weeks 14-16


Weeks 14-16 Dated 10-24th July

We moved into our family home which was super exciting, we have so much space and to have a room that is going to be made into the nursery is so exciting. Didn’t find the move too draining like most moves as I think that I just couldn’t wait to be in the new place and settled. I had a good week of training leading into the move, I managed 5 sessions- 2 weight, 2 RPM’s and Pilates. Of course the feeling good didn’t last too long as I was hit with a nasty head cold. I could feel it coming on and did my best to rest but I suppose when your immune system is down then you are bound to get hit with some bugs that are flying around. I was knocked around with the cold for about a week, it is hard because you can’t take much for it, you just have to stick with homeopathic remedies and rest. I have to admit I was very frustrated as finally I was starting to feel good again and finding my routine and then I was taken down. I haven’t exercised at all in the time that I was sick, I have just taken it easy and have listened to my body. We had a busy weekend as I had made plans to take Matt out for his Birthday so I had to suck it up and put on my happy face and take him out, we had a lovely time even though it felt like I was swallowing razor blades. Food has been as good as it can be, I haven’t had any crazy cravings, just wanted comfort food in hope to get well. I have upped my fruit intake and am even drinking fresh juice to try and get myself better. Was hit with a really bad case of morning sickness where it felt like I had the worst hangover one of these days, my chiro said that it is common in 2nd tri to get bad headaches, YAY!! 😉


All in all this past week I have laid super low and have let my flu pass and also have let the baby rule the roost, so have listened to my body and have done and eaten what I have needed to do to feel better. Hardly any training last week, I managed to do an RPM class and one light weights session when I was feeling better.
A typical days eating for me through the week goes like this:
Muesli and greek yoghurt with berries
Some form of eggs.. Either on toast or an omelette
Chicken and Salad Wrap
Greek yoghurt