Pregnancy Blog Weeks 16-18

Week 17

Weeks 16-18 dated 24th July- 7th August

The past few weeks have been up and down. Training wise I have been feeling pretty good and managing around 4 sessions a week. Of course I am lowering the intensity of my training and listening to my body so when I feel too tired I simply just don’t train. I have really been enjoying the quiet time, a good way to explain how I feel is that I feel like I am on holiday from my previous fast paced life. It is like I am in cruise mode, I am not letting anything stress me out too much and I am not putting myself under so much pressure. I am so pleased that I am feeling this way, it just tells me that the timing of our baby is perfect. I love the fact that I can rest and focus on me and just being present in the moment. Something that I now realise I was really bad at as I was always living in fast forward and had so many things on the go that I couldn’t just BE and live in the moment.

Food wise I have been making a conscious effort to eat well and more balanced, I am eating more eggs and salad and complex carbs. I am so aware of what I am eating and trying to eat the best I can to support our bubba and also keep me healthy and happy. Of course there are always more treats than normal, I have a stash of lollies in my car for those moments when I need some sugar as could start to feel a tad flat or tired.

I had a bit of a scare yesterday (5th Aug), I had been at the gym and done a Body Pump class. I took it light and went very easy as I normally do and after my class I went and grabbed a chicken, avocado and salad sandwich to eat in the car on the way home as I would never not eat after working out and wanted to replenish my body. I was feeling good and driving home munching away on my sandwich, I was about 5 mins from my house when I started to feel dizzy and nauseas, I went all hot and clammy and wasn’t sure that I was going to make it into our car park. I somehow managed to get home and park the car when my vision started going blurry, I could’t get out of the car and went into panic mode. I grabbed my phone and rang Matt, cant remember what I said but told him that I was about to pass out. After I hung up, I went blank, I couldn’t see and I fainted. It felt like forever but I am sure it was only a minute that I sat there visionless and scared.

My vision started coming back slowly and I just sat in the car until it came back fully, I was trying to work out what the hell just happened and felt extremely blessed that I that I had actually made it home and wasn’t driving in busy traffic, that would have been a disaster. Also the fact that I was sitting down as if I was standing up I would have hit the ground hard!!!!
I walked inside on shaky legs and lay on the couch, Matt made it home in record time and was by my side, I am sure superman would have taken longer to get to me. He was amazing and called a good friend of mine and she told us to call the hospital, I was still in shock and very shaken up and of course I was worried about our baby..

We went to emergency at The Royal Woman’s and went in pretty much straight away, they were great and so thorough. The first thing they did was check my blood pressure and then checked the baby’s heartbeat which was still going strong. I was so relieved, I wasn’t really worried about me but more worried about our baby, so once I heard that I think the anxious feeling started to subside. After a heap of tests they came to the conclusion that I was fine and could go home. They said that it is common for faints during pregnancy as my heart is pumping more blood and Oxygen to our baby which means that I get less and need to pump more. It was very scary and made me love and appreciate Matt and our baby even more.

Yes I have to take it easy for a few days, the funny thing is I was already taking it easy, any easier and I wouldn’t be getting off the couch. I am living my life at a very slow pace so that is why saying ‘take it slow’ seems so bizarre as I am already living like a turtle! But I will do what ever it takes to protect me and our baby so if that means PJ’s for a few days then so be it.

Juz xx