The Birth Story- Leo Kaha Vaughan

Birth Weight: 3.12kg
Length: 49cms
Time of birth: 8:24pm
DOB: 3/1/14

Leo shoot

The last few weeks of pregnancy are very testing, from the discomfort to being bored to feeling anxious then super excited, it is such a roller coaster of emotions. I struggled quite a lot in those weeks, the not knowing was killing me along with feeling so isolated and house bound. Well finally after a few weeks of frustration and waiting for our bubba to make his appearance, he came into this world!

It all started on 3/1/14 at 2am when I woke to go to the toilet, once I had got myself back into bed I started feeling bad period type cramps in my lower tummy and lower back. I lay there thinking that it would pass but it didn’t. Then I started to get these short bursts of intense pain for around 30secs then they would go away for around 5-6mins then come again. Being a first time mummy I still wasn’t 100% sure that this was IT and was laying there trying to get my head around it all. I was scared, excited, nervous, over joyed and petrified all at the same time.
I woke Matt at around 3am to tell him what had been going on and that I think I was going into labour, he was great and woke up and started to time my contractions for me. He then kept drifting off to sleep so I grabbed the phone off him and let him sleep as I had a feeling he would need it and I would need him to be at his best later that day.

The contractions didn’t stop and I started to think that our baby would be with us soon, I was so tired and wanted to sleep but being woken every 5 mins or so by the intense pain kept me from drifting off.

I woke Matt again at around 6am and told him that they hadn’t stopped and we would need to call the midwife. I think he was in a state of shock in that moment too as he was realising the reality of what was unfolding and that his son would be here with him soon.

After chatting to the midwife and her telling us that all was good and just to rest up and keep in touch with her, I lay in bed til around 10am. Matt got up and made me some breakfast and started to get his bag sorted for the hospital. I got up around 10am and had a shower and tried to be normal but jeez that was hard, I just kept crouching over in pain every 5-6 mins and then trying to carry on as normal. I ventured to the lounge and just lay on the couch for a few hours, the contractions started to slow down and I was starting to worry that it was a false alarm, we rang the midwife and she assured me that it was normal for your first baby for your contractions to be all over the place and to just keep resting and eating as I will need my strength for later.

At around 3pm I was at my whits end with the labour not really progressing and was about to take Matt upstairs to do the deed in hope that we could speed up the progress, I stood up and next thing I knew I was buckled over a chair and in the most pain I have ever felt (at that stage) for around 3-4 mins, it was a monster of a contraction that made me cry and whale in pain. I looked at Matt when it was over and said, something is definitely happening now, lets call the midwife and get to the hospital.

She told us to stay home just a bit longer and to jump in the bath, I was like ‘jeez I just want to get to the hospital and do NOT want to have the baby at home’, but we listened to her and I jumped in the bath for about an hour. My contractions were now 4 mins apart and we got the green light from our midwife to make our way into hospital.

We got organised, or Matt did as I sat on the couch hunched over in pain and then got on our way. Please note: Friday afternoon at 430pm is not a good time to be in a rush to go anywhere let alone to be having contractions in the car!!! It took us an hour to get to the hospital and I was hating the whole trip as we were driving through the city so slow and I was conscious of people on the footpath watching me having contractions.

Anyhoo, we made it there at 530pm and went straight into emergency, they took me right in and that is where things went from 7/10 pain wise to 10/10 and it happened very quickly!

The overweight and rude midwife that we had to go through 1st in emergency made me feel like I was ‘just another number’ and didnt give me any care what so ever, she was just doing her job. It is sad that people work in jobs that they don’t care about, especially in the health industry!

She checked how dilated I was and I was already 7cm, my waters broke when she checked me so then it really was GO TIME!

Matt was amazing and by my side the whole time, he had to move the car from the 10min spot to the car park and leave me, I thought he would be gone for 10mins, he got back to me in 3mins and with the bags, I couldn’t believe it! He is definitely my superman and I could not have done this without him by my side.

They wheeled me up to my birth suite and I lay side on on the bed and started having the most horrendous contractions that were making me scream, they were telling me to suck on the gas, I hated the gas and it was doing jack shit! The midwife gave me some Morphine and that too did jack shit, I was in a world of pain and there was absolutely no relief. In each of those huge contractions I would just grip onto Matt and pull his head into mine, I was squeezing anything I could grab on him and crying through the pain. He did not budge and let me just tug, pull, grab and squeeze anything and everything that I could on him.

I was screaming at the midwife for more pain relief and she was all calm and just said we had to wait to see if the Morphine would do anything, being told to wait during contractions is not my idea of fun as 30secs seems like a life time. At 730pm she checked to see how far I was and told me then and there that I was fully dilated and there was no time or need for more pain relief, she said to me ‘you can have this baby out in an hour’.

Now to tell a competitive person that and to give them a time frame meant only one thing.. LET’S GET THIS BABY OUT!!!!

It might sound strange but the pushing part was not at all as bad as I was expecting it to be, yes it hurt at times but to know what the outcome was going to be and to actually feel what was happening was an amazing experience. Each contraction that came I gripped the bed head and I pushed with all my might, Matt was a fantastic birthing partner and was in my corner the whole time saying all the right things and giving me the strength I needed to get through it all, we really do make a great team.

The head was finally out and and 824pm the rest of our baby came out, Leo was on my chest and we had instant eye contact. He lifted his head up and looked at me, it was the most amazing moment of my life. The pain had gone in an instant and in that moment I was filled with so much love and appreciation for my body, my baby and my amazing fiance.. We had done it, we had created an amazing life and there he was in front of us waiting for his life on the outside world to start.


The next 2 hours Leo just lay there and we talked, laughed, cried and just absorbed every moment and looked at every part of his perfect wee body. He latched on after about an hour and I had my first experience of feeding my baby, truly amazing to feel this and to know that I am now giving our baby life.


Life as we knew it was over and the next exciting journey as a family was about to begin. The whole experience of being pregnant to giving birth has made me so proud of my body and changed my perception on life as a whole. Leo is our whole world now and we are going to give him the best life that we can. Let our next exciting chapter as parents begin, we are more than ready for it!!!