High Performance Kinetic Bands


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High Performance Kinetic Bands is a company dedicated to the development of athletes of all ages as well as helping healthy minded people lead a healthy lifestyle by getting fit, staying in shape, or losing weight.

Resistance training should be fun and effective. Our unique resistance bands training products have helped many athletes improve athletic performance over the years and have gained a loyal following worldwide.

High Performance Kinetic Bands are used for a myriad of sports training, fitness training, and physical therapy. Sports specific training with resistance bands is one of the most effective ways to improve athletic performance. Success in most sports requires good running speed, the ability to change direction quickly, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Training with High Performance kinetic bands during specialized sports workouts allows an athlete to strengthen legs, hips, and core muscles while they practice their specific sport. Kinetic bands fit just above the knees, allowing an athlete to move unrestricted and in a natural manner with full range of motion.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to put on and use the Kinetic Bands.

Note: The shorter band goes at the back!