My Pregnancy blogs Weeks 10-12

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Weeks 10-12 Dated 12th- 26th June

Trying to hide my changing body and tummy and not enjoying eating my usual meals is one thing that has had me a little down on myself this past week. I know people who look at me might be thinking ‘Justine has put weight on’ and I want to be able to tell them why. My tummy is getting harder to hide and as that excites me to no end it is also frustrating. I can’t wait until I can tell everyone and just be honest and really start to embrace my baby bump. Currently I am 11 weeks so only have a week and a half Til our next scan where we will get the all clear.. Bring that day on!!! My eating is still a tad all over the place, things like eggs and chicken just aren’t appealing to me, I am eating them when I can but I am force feeding myself when I do. It is so crazy how much my taste buds have changed, I used to LOVE anything chicken or egg.. I am loving my Kapai Puku, muesli Greek yoghurt and blue berries for breaky, ill snack on Raw nuts and fruit, I can stomach organic chicken sausages so will eat those for my protein intake. I am loving fruit, fresh juice, cheese and carbs..Eating a lot of whole grain toast, crackers and cheese, sweet potato and trying to eat veggies when I can. I am not craving sweet foods but definitely savory foods. My training has been increasing as I am feeling like I have more energy which is great. Teaching my 2 rpm classes with a weights session, a few walks and 1 x Pilates session each week. Still not pushing it like I was but enjoying being able to get out and do what I love to do. This week we signed a lease for a new home, a lovely 3 bdr place in Newport.. I can’t wait, seems like everything is coming together nicely which is a great feeling. Although I tend to get a tad stressed over the little things due to the hormones and I am super sensitive.. Poor Matt is all I can say, he can’t say anything right at the mo. But he has been amazing and so understanding and supportive, couldn’t ask for a more caring partner if I tried!

Starting weight at 6 weeks pregnant 60kg
Weight at 12 weeks 60.70kg