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Welcome to my official website, thank you so much for stopping by. I am an Australian fitness model, personal trainer and fully qualified exercise professional. I want to help you achieve the fit and healthy physique you so desire from the inside out. My approach to training and nutrition is very holistic, I believe that to have a healthy body you need to have a positive mindset. I have been in the Fitness Industry for years and have learnt that the best way to help people create their dream body is to help them believe in themselves and not beat themselves up for the things they do wrong. We all slip up from time to time, no one is perfect, it isn’t about how many times you fall but how many times you get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward. I upload blogs and fitness/motivational tips regularly onto my blog/tips section so feel free to come back anytime and watch or have a read as I am sure you will get a lot out of the information that I share. If you are based in Melbourne, feel free to contact me if you are interested in Personal Training. I work with my partner Matt Vaughan and together we train people in person and online. Check out Matt’s website here , he works out of Transcend in South Melbourne. If you are based out of Melbourne I can still help you, check out my personal training link , this has all of the relevant information you need for information on calculated meal plans and training programs, I can personalize an online program just for you. Be sure to have a good look around my site, take it all in, then together we can take the necessary steps to put a system in place to change your life for the better. There is no magic pill, it takes hard work, commitment and determination. Turn your dreams into reality!.

You have the choice, choose to start NOW :)

Justine xx

Fit, Healthy, Strong.

Fit, Healthy and strong is a 6 week program that will teach you all the tricks and secrets that I know to help you gain lean muscle and burn body fat but to do it in a way that you protect your metabolism. This means that you will not be over training, cutting calories or counting anything, you will be eating nutrient dense food and training effectively and with purpose. I want to help you find your inner athlete and base your training goals around how much you are lifting rather than what the number on the scales says.
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E-Book – Juzz Do It!

I can guarantee that if you follow my Juzz Do It program for at least 30 days you will start to look and feel better.
My program is split into 7 chapters…
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Sports Modelling

Justine is a competition winning Australian sports model champion and fitness model. Justine want’s to be someone that others can aspire to and look to for guidance, motivation and inspiration.
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Become a Fit Healthy Mum

We have something pretty amazing for you. Something that is going to revolutionise how you see food, exercise, and getting in shape. But more importantly, something that is going to revolutionise how you see life and your ability to love the heck out of it.
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