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“I’m Justine Switalla, and I assist women to step into their personal power by using a variety of holistic methods, that take them from feeling unhappy, overweight, overwhelmed- and damn right over it, to feeling empowered, confident & more youthful”

Justine is a passionate holistic health coach who’s purpose is to empower women with the knowledge, support & tools they need to become their best versions – mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually!

Justine supports and empower’s her clients to step into their personal power by assisting them to get stuck into the work that is required for them to FEEL GOOD! She is on a mission to make a difference, and be to the inner strength that they need when they can’t find it within themselves.

Her soul purpose is to serve those women who are ready to dive in, who are sick of feeling lost, stressed, overweight & unhappy. Far too many women feel alone and have lost all hope when it comes to their mindset, and their health goals. Times have to change, and Justine will lead this change for those who are ready to take action!

There are a wide range of online coaching programs available on this site.

Be sure to have a good look around this website, and if anything resonates, and you want Justine’s help, then be sure to get in touch with her.

‘Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness’

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Please note FEMME30 is currently not running.

If you are looking for an all inclusive online training & nutrition program to assist you with your health goals, be sure to check out Justine’s new FitMum 2.0 program.