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Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.10.43 AMMy philosophy for anyone to achieve their dream body is that you need to “take care of your mind to take care of your body”. It all starts from within, what you think you are! That is where I come in, I will help you believe in yourself and overcome the many setbacks that we all experience in life. I believe that you can have your dream body and your dream life to go with it, you just need the right path and the self belief to make it happen.

It wasn’t until I found my purpose that I really started to settle into my own skin and love all of me. The defining moment was when I fell into my passion for health and fitness and once I was there, there was no looking back.

Today I stand proud in all that I am and all that I have worked so dam hard for. It isn’t easy to conquer so many areas of the fitness industry but I can honestly say that I feel I have done MORE than I ever dreamed I could. The best thing about living on your true path is that there is no final destination, there is no end to the goals you can achieve, the sky is the limit!

I love that I can inspire and motivate people by living the way I do and if I can change one person’s life then it makes all the hard work and sacrifice totally worth it!

I’ve created this ebook bundle for you!


Become the You that You Deserve

(value $29.95)

I have gathered together all of my knowledge and experience into this book so that I can help you become the best YOU that you can be. The book is split into 3 chapters..
They are:

  • Mental barriers
  • Nutrition
  • Training

Inside the book I share my secrets and what I do on a daily basis to maintain my physique all year round. As well as giving you what I eat when I am dieting and also a weekly training program that you can follow. All in all this book has a lot of valuable information inside it that you can use in your daily lives to move forward and achieve your goals.

When I am writing out programs and meal plans I charge $300.00 which is the going rate these days, especially with someone with my experience. 

Photoshoot Tips & Tricks

(Value $7.99)


Want to know all my tips and tricks when it comes to doing a photo shoot then be sure to download my cheap and easy to read guide on how to be your best in your shoots. I have taken all of my knowledge and put it into this Ebook to help you ladies look and feel amazing when you do a photo shoot. You work so hard with the training an

d nutrition and deserve to have the best photo’s but if you don’t nail your shoot then your pics might not be as amazing as you think.


At the moment, you can grab both of these books together for only $19!




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