5 weeks to go…

Well it is less than 5 weeks until I hit the stage in New Zealand and I couldn’t be more excited. This will be my last ever comp( I think), yes this old girl will retire from competing after this show. I will still be heavily involved in the sport but on the other side, coaching girls for the stage. I get a bigger sense of satisfaction helping other girls achieve their dreams, I have had my time in the lime light. I want to be able to focus on other things and have time to achieve my own career goals.

The next 7 weeks are going to be so busy but super exciting. With FIlex in Sydney, a Les Mills Expo in Auckland, my comp in Christchurch, Oxygen photo shoot the week after my comp on the Gold Coast then our seminar in Thailand the week after that.

It is time to grab hold of all these amazing opportunities and run with them and I am so excited to be able to share my journey with you all. I will be posting loads of videos and blogs along the way so you can not only follow me but learn things and be inspired to go out there and achieve your dreams.

Exciting times ahead my friends, stay tuned xx

I will leave you with a pic of me through the years of competing and modelling, these are from my first comp in 2008 til the last photo shoot that I did in 2012. You can see that for me health and fitness isn’t a habit, it is a way of life 🙂