A few of my home ‘diet’ truth’s unveiled!

When I was 20 I left to go to America to do a summer camp, I left all I knew in New Zealand to take on the world. I was petrified as I had a great life at home in NZ with my friends and family, I was a gym bunny and didn’t really have any stresses in my life.

Little did I know that I would soon establish a very unhealthy relationship with food when I left my known world to enter the unknown. I was very homesick and very depressed so I ended up not eating much at all and exercising for 2 hours a day to try and make myself feel better. It was like I had no control over my environment so I took my worries out on my body as I had control over that and nothing else.


When I got to London 4 months later, the roller coaster diet wheel that I was on didn’t stop there. I ate nothing but cereal, toast and very unhealthy snack foods. I know you are probably thinking how did Justine ever have a bad relationship with food as what you see now is the complete opposite.

Things improved when I started competing in 2008 but still when I look back now I see that food still ruled my life, I was an extremist and I guess that is one of the reasons I was so successful as a competitive Sports Model.


I have taken some risks in the past and done some silly things to get lean, trust me, things are not always what they seem!

It took me YEARS to work out a system that was healthy and that was kind to my body. I was sick of under eating and over training, I was sick of feeling depressed and not being able to be social with my friends. I had had enough of listening to so many so called ‘guru’s’ who really only saw a trophy in me and weren’t out to look after my body longterm. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I have in the past, I want you to live a life where food doesn’t dictate to you your mood. I want you to enjoy the body that you live in and not despise it and compare it to others.

[alert_yellow] Here is a look at my body over the years…From super skinny to skinny fat (no muscle and issues with binge drinking and eating unhealthy) to when I finally got it right![/alert_yellow]

Fast forward to now, and (pregnancy aside) I pretty much effortlessly maintain the same body weight and body composition year-round, give or take a kilo or two either way.

If I want to get in shape for a photo shoot or just because, it takes me about 4-6 weeks and that’s without doing anything extreme.

You see, I have a foundation of metabolic management that means staying
in shape is no longer a chore or a stress for me. It just – is.

The Magical Diet that Got Me to Where I Am Now

Are you ready for this? It’s a BIG secret. The magical diet that got me to where I am now, where I have a fantastic relationship with food, training and my body and am finally free of the endless mind games and emotional eating let alone the constant and consuming stress of worrying about what I should or shouldn’t eat or what size I am is …

No diet at all, exactly like the one we use here.

Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for something fancier, but here’s the truth –

The diet that will get you lean, energised, and also loving life and yourself (and what you see in the mirror!) is NOT about counting anything.

It’s also not based on short-term solutions or ‘magic bullet’ quick fixes.

What it is about, is not so glamorous on the surface.

Learning to listen to your body, and understanding what YOU need
(as opposed to what the magazines/diets/latest magic diet says you need)
Overcoming self-sabotage and destructive behaviour
Being ‘allowed’ to eat whatever you like, and learning how to make
that work for you so you never have to start another diet again
Breaking free of diet nazi behaviour
Being able to not just ‘fit in’ socially, but being able to eat with your
family or friends and feel normal
Results that last for life not just until the diet ends

LL 2

The Live Lean Program with Kat and Justine: The Last Diet Solution You’ll Ever Need

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We created this program for YOU. We created it for the you who is tired of
pushing and pushing and pushing to be enough, do enough, to be perfect.

We created it for the you who just wants out. Out of the constant stress,
overwhelm and confusion, but also the despair of wondering if she’ll ever
get there.

We created it for the you who just wants to have FUN again and not have
to spend every freaking waking moment thinking about her weight.

We created it for the you who is tired of not being ‘normal’ when she goes
out to dinner, or of beating up on herself if she is. Tired also of trying to be a certain way and not be able to just relax and have dinner with her family like a regular person!

We created it for the you who will SCREAM if she ever again has to embark
on another diet already filled with the deep frustration that comes from
knowing that this just can’t be right. Who knows that surely it doesn’t have to be this hard.

And most of all we created it for the you who knows that she deserves to
not only have the body she wants, but also the LIFE she wants. The fun.
The freedom. The spontaneity. The ability to feel not just in control but
PROUD of how she treats her body, both inside and out. And, of course,
the you who wants results that actually last!

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Today we received the following email about Live Lean –
I have been reading up about your live lean program and I think this is
something I might want to do. I feel so overwhelmed by all the conflicting
information out there. I just want to be able to follow something that’s not ridiculously complicated, time consuming, expensive and it’s long term. I’m hoping this is going to be the live lean program.

This – THIS – is why we created The Live Lean Program.

Not just because we know exactly what it takes to eat and exercise and think well to create lifelong results (and we sure as hell will show you that), but because we know from both personal and professional experience how draining and just plain RIDICULOUS it is to have your every fibre consumed with worrying about food and your body.

Live Lean checks all of the boxes on the surface.
Time-wise you’re looking at 2-5 hours per week to implement everything.
Cost-wise it’s less than your coffee habit (and early bird is open now!)
From the point of view of overwhelm and knowing what to do – we got you
covered. Everything is step-by-step and designed specifically for the busy woman. But it’s not just about surface results, is it? What it really comes down to is this –

When you join our Live Lean Program you say yes to changing not just your
body for life, but your thinking about your body and who you deserve to be for life.

The last diet solution you’ll ever need? Abso-freaking-lutely.

And that’s just the beginning 🙂

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Let me help you and guide you to finally become your best you!!

Juz xx


We’re totally serious. We know personally what it’s like to be consumed by
fear, anxiety and overwhelm when it comes to being in shape.

And we know what it’s like to escape. For good. Now, it’s your turn.

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