Back training tips

One of my favourite muscle groups to train is BACK!

Having a toned back is so sexy, not only that it is important to have a strong back for your posture!

I see many people in the gym train their back incorrectly and it is frustrating to watch as most of the time all they need to do is draw their shoulder blades back and squeeze them together without rolling their shoulders forward.

When training your back it is a good idea to do around 4 exercises, 2 pulling and 2 rowing always works well as you hit most muscle groups in your back this way.

An example of this is:

1- lat pulldown

2- seated row

3- wide and or close grip chins (can do these assisted)

4- single arm cable row

I put this video together with some tips of what do do and what not do do when training back so be sure to check it out 🙂 Happy back training peeps!