Give your gut, skin and energy levels a boost with ‘Collagen & Clarity’


As a health & fitness professional, I have been aligned with Fermio for over 3 years. I love everything about the brand, and their ethos towards wellness. My clients and I have been using their nutritional cleanse for years, so when they recently came out with a new product ‘collagen & clarity’, I was very excited to try myself, and to also get my clients onto it! 

Collagen is everywhere, and you have a lot of selection when it comes to choosing what you think is the right one to take. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I 100% trust Fermio, as I know them personally, and I know the extensive research that goes into bringing the best, and most valuable product to market.

FERMIO is the first Australian company to use a more bioactive form of collagen (dipeptides) than the standard collagen, they have used a unique 66 ingredient triple-fermented blend in Collagen + Clarity.

The ‘Clarity’ component is one an amazing add-on to their collagen, there are natural extracts to help with brain boosting & cognitive functions, on top of all of the other amazing benefits of collagen.

Just one sachet daily boosts:

  • Skin elasticity and hydration
  • Healthy hair and nails
  • Concentration and focus
  • Stress-resilience and relaxation
  • Balanced energy levels
  • Overall digestive wellness

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      FERMIO’s Collagen + Clarity formula takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. It is designed to simultaneously support skin appearance, nourish gut health and keep you focused through the day by sharpening mental alertness and concentration.

      The blend combines premium Japanese Marine Collagen, FERMIO’s signature triple-fermented blend with natural nootropics for an innovative pick-me-up that perks up your skin from the inside out.

      Collagen + Clarity blend is crafted with:

      • Sustainably sourced Premium Japanese Marine Collagen dipeptides (2800 mg per serve) for hydrated, firm and healthy skin
      • Vitamin C for antioxidant protection and collagen production
      • Brain-boosting and stress-reducing extracts from New Zealand blackcurrant, patented asparagus, and fermented L-Glutamine, naturally rich in GABA
      • Balancing bio-actives from white kidney bean and lychee to stabilise blood sugar levels for smooth energy
      • FERMIO’s signature triple-fermented whole food blend for digestive wellness

      Honestly, I could go on and on, but you get the idea, this product is like no other on the market. I had a few of my clients give it a go, and below is what they had to say…

      “ Fermio’s collagen + clarity has a great fruity flavour and dissolves in to solution really well, no chunky bits floating on top, and is really easy to drink. Since taking it daily I have noticed my skin feels more hydrated, nails feel stronger and I have been able to focus on tasks better when working. A great addition to my daily routine!.”

      “I’ve been taking Fermio collagen blend every morning for over a week now. It took a few days to feel a difference but I noticed my skin felt more hydrated and slightly plumped. A few more days in and I felt my sleep quality had improved, getting a deeper, more satisfying sleep. I’m also noticing more pep in my day, getting through my workouts and chores with a little more energy. Very happy with the results so far”.

      Moral of the story is….

      Do yourself a favour and give this amazing product a try, with all of the amazing benefits I have mentioned above, why wouldn’t you?!

      I have a discount code that you can use as well ‘JUSTINE12’ that will give you 12% off so be sure to use it at the checkout…. your hair, skin, digestive system and stress levels will thank you 🙂

      Yours in health

      Juzzy xx

      CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW  and use the code ‘JUSTINE12’