Light bulb moment

I wanted to share with you all a message I received yesterday from an old school friend. This message really hit home for me about the impact that I have on people. I am always just going to be ME and when I read messages like this one it still floors me as I guess I just don’t realise that by being me I am changing lives and helping people live better lives everyday. I love that by living with such passion, I can spread hope and positive energy on to people. Have a read of this….

Hi Justine,

A little story I wanted to share with you…..
I have been recently volunteering at a Childrens cancer hopsital at Duke Cancer Hospital, North Carolina.
I met a little girl from NZ. They were given a project on how they see themselves and how they want to be….body wise. All the kids are terminal and will probably never make their 16th birthday.

Anna from NZ, produced a picture of her self (she’s now eight) and a pic of you she got got from magazine on how she wants to be when she grew up. She produced a pic of you!!!
You have inspired her and she does as many push up and sit ups and she can……” Justines body is how I want to look like because she looks like she could fight anything, even cancer.”
Anna now has a pic of you hanging in her room and I wanted to share how you have changed people for the better….keep up the good work.

I mentioned I knew you from school and I’m now the bomb in her eyes. I know you are busy but, if you could share a moment to send her a pic or note I know how much that will impact her recovery.

Look at you changing lives all over the world….I’m so proud of you. Keep it up and wishing you all the happiness in the world.

Haseena xx

Yep, it is a tear jerker and really got me thinking, if Anna can live with hope and inspiration, then so can you YOU. Like the quote on the picture I have posted with this blog says, the ability to do anything you desire is all in your head. Do you give up when it gets tough, or do you KEEP GOING?!

Justine xx