Strive for progress not perfection!

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The pic on the left was me when I was in my ‘photo shoot & fitness model’ prime. I lived & breathed training & aimed to be lean ‘all year round’. I put SO much pressure on myself & was coached poorly by a few trainers so I ended up cutting out food groups to get lean a lot of the time. It was a struggle to maintain that momentum & it was so god dam tiring… I could never really relax, I was always thinking about making sure I still had abs & if I was ‘photo shoot ready’! Don’t get me wrong this time of my life was a huge part of pathing the way of who I am today.. I worked hard & I got rewarded. I am so thankful for the opportunities that came my way back then & know that this time in my life served it’s purpose for me. I feel having lived that life that I can now tune into what women need & understand them in a way that others can’t!

Fast forward 3 years and there I am (on the right) 6 months post baby and feeling more complete and happier than ever! These days I am super kind to myself, I am enjoying life and I am training with more purpose. I DON’T cut out food groups and I eat food that you wouldn’t deem as healthy (mostly on the weekends ). Being a full time mum and starting my online business on top of training and being organised to eat healthy has been challenging at times and I have had my fair share of melt downs but I have never dwelled or believed that I couldn’t achieve things that I want too in my lifetime!
The reason I am sharing both of these pics and giving you a run down is that I want you to look for inspiration in the right places. You can not compare yourself to the images that flood your feeds of lean and ripped bodies. You don’t know what is going on in anyone’s life so how can you compare?! Use the images as motivation to smash your training for sure but stop thinking that everyone else has the perfect life & body as half the time that isn’t the case! I believe in Yin & Yang, life can not be roses all of the time, you need the balance of the lows to help you grow & evolve! Embrace your body and learn to accept it for what it is & all that it is capable of! Stop wishing, dwelling, dreaming and start doing!!

Justine xx

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