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I am so proud to be an On Running ambassador. I can not recommend them highly enough. If you are looking for super comfortable, light and affordable trainers/runners then look no further. All the details on how you can order yours are below!



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[highlight_text] Cloud [/highlight_text]

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$189 rrp

The re-engineered Cloudrunner features an enforced CloudTec® system. 15 high-profile clouds cushion your landing and superbly absorb both vertical and horizontal forces. Heavy impact is transformed into a light, natural run that trains your postural muscles.The Cloudrunner is designed for high-impact runs, long training sessions and endurance runs. It has become even lighter, though. Its all-new integrated Speedboard transfers impact into speed.


[highlight_text] CLOUDFLYERS [/highlight_text]

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$249 rrp

For the first time, stability and support come in an ultralight package.The 12 “Cloud” elements built fro Zero-Gravity foam provide supreme cushioning while staying lightweight. They cushion intelligently while activating the inherent stability of your body and gait.The wider surface area on the sole provides a stable stance for a safe ride. The stability impulse in specifically engineered heel “Clouds” promote a running motion without inward rotation.The Cloudflyers Star lacing over a plush tongue provides comfort and a snug, secure fit for long runs.Long runs have never felt this short. 

[highlight_text] CLOUD RACER [/highlight_text]

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$209 rrp

Want to win? Say hello to the fastest shoe on the market. Ironman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde, Olympic Gold Medalist Nicola Spirig, 5 World Champions and more than 30 Elite Athletes win in the Cloudracer in various running disciplines. They all know the secret of the Cloudracer: stays low to the ground for fast performance yet allows a surprisingly comfortable and protected ride.

The Cloudracer is equipped with 18 “cloud” elements and a responsive Speedboard – ideal for fast training runs and competitions. It combines a low profile for speed with cushioning to protect you on your runs. The Cloudracers lets you train like a champion and reach your personal bests.

[highlight_text] CLOUD SURFER [/highlight_text]


Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.48.16 pm


$229 rrp

The brand-new Cloudsurfer brings “Running on Clouds” to the next level with the most advanced technology improvements in all the right places.

Newly developed arrow patterns on the sole of the shoe provide outstanding grip and traction. The open cloud construction saves weight to make the Cloudsurfer lighter than ever before.

It’s breathable mesh places breathability and support exactly where they’re needed on your foot. Cleverly engineered with a second-layer sock construction which adapts to your foot for a unique fit.

Thanks to its patented CloudTec® system, the 13 “Clouds” close and lock for a natural transition for a faster take-off. It all adds up to you spending more time in the air. And even if you are not focused on speed, time will fly by faster with the Cloudsurfers.

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To order your On Running shoes CLICK HERE and use the code js15 for 10% off all stock + FREE shipment).