Real life as a mum!!!

This blog is for all the amazing mums out there!!

In your life you can only be as good as YOU can be. Far too many times I hear and see mums comparing themselves to other mums, they see images of celebs and think that they have it all together and that they have perfect lives. It’s easy to do as there are people out there that will only post about rainbows and sunshine and glamorize everything but the truth is NO one has the perfect life or the perfect body! If you are going to get down when you see these images of other mumma’s making it look easy then unfollow them or use your common sense and realize that it’s all about their image and it isn’t always what actually is

This is me in a nutshell 😉

I have days where I want to tear my hair out, I am tired, I am in my PJ’s most days before 4pm, I hardly leave the house apart from driving to the gym (thank goodness for the gym crèche), I have NO help from family and my fiancé (who goes above and beyond) works big hours! My bum is now a lot saggier and since I have recently stopped breast feeding my boobs have lost their shape. I have developed a pain in my wrist from feeding and carrying Leo that is super painful at times. The only time I get to myself is when I go to the gym otherwise I am a full time working mumma and I spend my days watching cartoons and singing nursery rhymes that I thought I had forgotten. I try to work on my lappy when Leo is asleep or when Matt is home, it is a tough gig at times but I DO get things done!
I’m sharing this with you ladies so you know that I am there with you, I have my struggles that I deal with daily but I choose to get up and make the most of the time that I have, I am now the queen of multi tasking!! The gym and my health keep me from falling in a heap, that’s why I’m so passionate about helping other mums feel good about themselves and to not beat themselves up over the uncontrollable’s
Being a mum is the most rewarding yet toughest job in the world and I wouldn’t change a thing.. I would love it if all mums would support one another without judgment and understand that we are all in this crazy roller coaster of a ride together!!!

The best thing that you can do is make yourself proud everyday just by doing YOUR best and not comparing yourself to anyone else! Just remember that YOU are enough!

Justine xx

Pic below is of me 7 months post partum!