Juzzy’s tips on how to eat when travelling


I know that many of you out there really struggle with food choices when you have weekends away and are out of your usual routine. That been the case, I thought I would give you a few suggestions on how you can make better choices and not come home from your trip feeling like you’ve gone back to square one.

As you all know I travel loads with work and usually have no choice but to eat out at for every meal.

Here is an outline of the foods I eat while I am travelling.

-For breakfast I always opt for an omelet, if I am not on strict diet mode I will have whole eggs, if I am dieting I will have only egg whites. I like to add mushrooms, spinach and feta to my omlets.

-For snacks I will carry low carb protein bars with me for emergencies and I will also carry some almonds/raw nuts on me at all times. The bars that I feel are the best are Maxine burn bars, they taste yum and are very low in calories and carbs. It is crucial to have these snacks on you so that when you feel peckish and it has been a few hours since your last meal that you have them there to tide you over rather than heading into a 7/11 for a sugar hit. We all know that it is important to eat every 2-3 hours to keep the metabolism in check so keep your snacks as high protein/good fats as you can.

-Lunches and dinners I will always order a chicken salad or chicken and veggies or if I can still order breaky I will have eggs again (at lunch), I always like to eat low carb/high protein. If I need to I’ll ask them to make adjustments to my meal ie dressing on the side, no croutons etc. Restaurants are usually more than happy to make meals that you ask for..Please note I have to be carb sensible if I don’t train in the time that I am away. If you are exercising I would suggest ingesting complex carbs either before or after your training session. In general I don’t like to eat a lot of grains or starchy carbs as they make me feel sluggish and bloated.

-Be sure to buy a 2 ltr of water a day and drink that throughout the day, stay hydrated, even if it means you need a ‘wee’ stop every half hour 😉
Sticking to a strict eating regime can be tough when traveling but only if you aren’t organised and mentally strong to be able to say NO to the foods that are only going to

a) make you feel guilty or
b) take you 2 steps backwards.

-The biggest thing is to watch your alcohol intake as alcohol really does set you back. I still managed to really enjoy my weekend and I didn’t once feel like I was missing out on anything 🙂

Hope this helps you guys when you are travelling xx