Nicole Pratt

I have always loved health and fitness.


I was never a slim kid and always carried a bit baby fat. I made a decision one day that I would do everything in my power to look the way I wanted and to feel that feeling of confidence when I looked in the mirror. I did it.. I went from 75kgs down to 60kgs. Across two years. Just from cardio and healthy eating.

I come from a basketball background and I used to love cross country running when I was younger. I then in my later years moved on to becoming a regular weekly Fitness First patron. I have always loved my cardio, whether it is smashing out a 6km run on the treadmill or doing a killer RPM class, it was all I would ever do.

But since the weight loss and life change, I started to do some swimwear modelling and needed to shape my body, tone it up and do something extra. So I did my research on the Personal Trainers around Melbourne. And never actually locked one in. That was until I found Justine.
Justine was a facebook friend of mine. I would love to read her blogs, they were always filled with so much positivity and zest for life, I was so inspired by her outlook and not to mention her cracking hot body. I knew I would benefit so much from Justine, she had just won a Sports Model Competition so I knew her knowledge for the women’s body was second to none.

But it wasn’t just the training and her knowledge, it was her attitude to life, her passion and her motivation to keep striving higher. Every time I would read a status of hers or read her responses to her clients/friends I was interested to meet this woman. I said to myself “there’s your PT right there she is so real, so genuine and definitely the woman who is going to train me”.

So I contacted her and we had our first session, we clicked immediately. I felt like I had known her for years. We train hard but we also talk and have loads of fun. We have become close friends in such a short time, probably because we are very similar in so many ways.
Now onto the actual training. What can I say? I never thought my body could be shaped the way it is right now and the way it is continuing to form is amazing. I could not be happier with how I look and feel. Patience is the key because the results I’m seeing now after 6 months of training with her are so rewarding! If you follow Juzzy’s diet plan and training tips for those days that she doesn’t train you then you are set for success and an amazing rig!!!
Training without Juzzy as my PT is not an option. Juzzy’s got me for life. I can’t begin to imagine after another 6 months the shape she will have me in. I’m excited, I’m motivated and I absolutely love my life so much more now that Justine is my Personal Trainer.

I have gained a Personal Trainer, a life coach and a friend for life.

Nicole Pratt