A blog on how to achieve your goals and overcome your fears!

Will power and self belief are huge when it comes to achieving your goals.. To me the mind is the most powerful tool and you need to learn how to master your thoughts and believe in yourself in order to move forward!

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[alert_yellow] “Don’t be a prisoner to your thoughts!!! Conquer your mind to conquer your body once and for all” [/alert_yellow]

Life will always be busy and there will always be a reason to fall off the wagon or slip up. I am all for teaching people that it’s ok to slip up, we all do it, it’s a part of life, no one is perfect! In order to keep yourself moving forward everything comes down to your attitude when you do slip up. You need to teach yourself how to get back up and move forward with NO guilt attached to your past actions. Being kind to yourself and learning how to understand yourself is crucial.. What is it that you are really afraid of? Why are you scared of failure when success is the most rewarding feeling anyone can experience? One way to deal with being afraid of failure is to use your fears as motivation, I use them as fuel in a way that I am going to ‘stick it to my fears and show them who’s boss’!


[highlight_text] Here are my step by step tips for you in order to push past your excuses and move forward and FINALLY get the results YOU deserve!

-Set realistic mini goals
-Be kind to yourself
-Don’t compare yourself to anyone
-Make time to be organized and prepare your food, food is more important than training so if that means less training and more prep time then so be it!
-Lift weights and lift heavy 3-4 x per week
-Eat a well balanced diet that gives you all the nutrients you need, include some guilt free treats in there!
-Listen to your body and be kind to it, stop being your own worst enemy.
-Stop doing yo yo and crash diets and find a way you can eat a well balanced diet day in day out with no deprivation and no guilt!
-Eat an array of Fruits, Veggies, protein and good fats, keep your complex carbs for around training!
-Reward yourself for each small thing you achieve!
-Do HIIT training for your cardio, you only need to spend 20mins 3 x a week doing this!
-Stick to one program and don’t chop and change from one to another!
-Schedule in rest days
-Surround yourself with like minded/positive people
-Drink loads of water approx 3 ltr a day
-Keep yourself accountable, use a journal!

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Don’t be a prisoner to your thoughts, use your mind as the powerful tool that it is.. Train your brain to be on your team!! Like you train your body you need to train your mind, you can train the house down everyday but if you’re head isn’t in the game then you might as well not bother. Taking time to journal and source outside help on how to concur your mindset could be the difference between you achieving your goal or not. Why spend all that time on food and training and then neglect your mind?!
Excuses are just lack of self belief and reasons not to are the easy way out! Dive deep, look inside yourself and find your inner motivation, find your reason to kick those excuses to the curb and take the hard road if need be. Rome wasn’t built in a day so you can’t expect things to happen overnight.. Stop giving up, put an action plan in place and start to BELIEVE that you can do it!

If you need help or you just don’t know where to start, help is here! I have a program that has all the answers you need so you can take the guess work out of it and just get on with what needs to be done! It comes with recipes, a training program, a hepa of mindset and goal setting info as well as what supps to take and a shopping list.. You will not be able to fall short and it is a very easy and sustainable program, something you can follow on going!

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Stop guessing and start doing!!! I want you to achieve your goals and be all that you can be.. It is time for you to think the same thing!!!

Juz xx