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  • Post comp update- The calm after the storm 🙂

    The past few months I feel like I have been on some sort of adrenalin rush, the hype and excitment towards my competition, my Oxygen magazine photo shoot and then our Thailand health and fitness seminar. It all went wayyyy... Learn More
  • My journey to the stage-Jan- May 2012

    Well just like that it is all over.. all the blood sweat and tears of 5 months of solid training all comes down to just one day on stage to show off all your hard work. I had an absolute... Learn More
  • Girls Stuff-hormones, fluid retention, learning to love

    Hey ladies, I felt a video blog on learning to love oneself and understand your body better was in order. It is so common to hear girls talking about all their own faults and pointing out their bad spots. I... Learn More
  • Motivation and Goal setting

    I get asked all the time ” how do you stay so motivated” and ” where do I start” so I thought I would put together a short clip on exactly that. Watch and enjoy my fitness friends and if... Learn More
  • Back training tips

    One of my favourite muscle groups to train is BACK! Having a toned back is so sexy, not only that it is important to have a strong back for your posture! I see many people in the gym train their... Learn More
  • Bikini shoot pics

    As I promised I have now uploaded most of my pics from the Bikini photo shoot that I did back in February. If you want to read how I got my body into this shape then make sure you read... Learn More
  • 5 weeks to go…

    Well it is less than 5 weeks until I hit the stage in New Zealand and I couldn’t be more excited. This will be my last ever comp( I think), yes this old girl will retire from competing after this show. I... Learn More
  • Frequently Asked Questions and answers

    Trying to lose weight and achieve your goals can be mind boggling. There are so many theories out there these days on the best way to ‘lose weight and tone up’. I understand that it can be confusing so I... Learn More
  • My 7 Week Bikini Body Challenge Results!

    Starting stats:   Body Fat % = 14.50 Lean body mass = 48kg Total body mass: 57kgs I know that most of you reading this will start by thinking “why on earth would Justine need to set herself a goal... Learn More
  • Top 10 nutritional mistakes woman make

    When it comes to women’s nutrition, there is so much mis-information out there that it is often hard to make educated decisions. Using the program that worked for Susie down the hall or your sister is by far not an... Learn More
  • Light bulb moment

    I wanted to share with you all a message I received yesterday from an old school friend. This message really hit home for me about the impact that I have on people. I am always just going to be ME... Learn More
  • My 7 week bikini body challenge

    Over Christmas I had 6 weeks off training due to having surgery so when I was able to train again I wanted to set myself a mini goal to get my body to a stage that I was happy with... Learn More
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